We are an independent art materials store located in the heart of downtown.  We are happy to be entering our fifth-year of business.  It’s been an honor to share the enthusiasm and creative process with our patrons – many of whom have now become close friends and allies of expression.

Our operation is a darling 1000 sq. ft. space, but with an extensive catalog of materials to choose from. We serve anyone curious to create.  You might be a beginner looking to dabble with a new medium.  You might be a full-time working artist.  We respect all paths and equally encourage all levels.

We carry both student and artist grade mediums: acrylics, watercolors and oils.  We carry a variety of paper, inks, and brushes.   Come see what different portfolios, pens and markers we can order you as well.  Whether you are a printmaker, painter, or muralist we can assist you with your projects.

We arrange weekly 3-hour figure drawing sessions with live models.   We also offer a variety of 6-week art classes for beginners and intermediate artists ranging from, acrylic painting to portrait oil painting to name a few.  We offer student discounts as well.

We also provide printing services.  If you are looking for artist prints, banners, or business cards we can help assist you.   We are also working artists for hire.   Come talk to us about your next artistic endeavor we’ll work with you to meet those needs.

Check out our new gallery space.  Since 2017 Pain Sugar Gallery has held monthly art exhibits showcasing local and international mediums of expression and communication.  Drop by and view the latest installments from the many talented individuals we are proud to represent.